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  • Natural Resource Management

Chigosi designed and installed the following energy efficient and sustainable systems:

a)  Over 600 lineal feet of high power 3-phase underground electrical cabling instead of installing overhead electrical poles and wires, which was in the original scope of work. It was discovered that overhead electrical power service would be costly, outdated, and a huge safety hazard. The underground solution saved the Government over $50,000 in bringing electrical power to the new building.
b)  LED lighting system that increased efficiency by 20% and provides longer lasting lighting components, saving the government thousands of dollars on electric bill, replacement parts, and shorter time on return on investment.
c)  Custom ventilation system using commercial roof exhaust fans and louvered door vents for improved air circulation.
d)   Energy efficient HVAC system that will save thousands of dollars in heating and cooling expenses.

Chigosi is prime contractor to design and construct a new lightning protection system for the US Air Force at Vandenberg Air Force Base. The design employs electrical engineers, structural engineers, lightning protection experts, construction quality managers, and project management consultants. The LPS Design includes Engineering Drawings, Rolling Sphere Zone of Protection Analysis, Manufacturer Data, Catalog Cuts and Description of LPS Elements Methods of Mounting LPS Elements, Corrosion Analysis, NFPA 780 Risk Analysis and Soil Resistivity Tests. The design provides installation methods, specific instructions and guidance for bonding and grounding, referenced codes and standards, and specific requirements and procedures for the proper installation of a lightning protection system.

Chigosi employs multiple specialty tradesmen to perform onsite work in the following areas: metal catenary support pole fabricators and installers, electricians, GPS, VHF, and Fiber Optics communications experts, welders, heavy equipment operators, and concrete and paving specialists.


Design-Build Laboratory for Growth Chamber Facility

Conversion of Screen House to Soils Research Laboratory

Design and installation of: foundation, radiant floor heating system, instant water heating system, water supply line, natural gas line, and all carpentry activities (framing, doors, custom windows, and sidewalk installation). This work also included, demolition, earthwork, underground water supply and sewer system installation, electrical and communication line installation.

Construction specialties used on this project included the installation of underground water piping for water supplies and waste water, electrical, concrete and masonry, plumbing, heavy equipment operation (excavation and backfill), low voltage line installation, carpentry, painting, welding, framing, interior finishing, and custom window and door design and fabrication.

Chigosi designed and installed a natural gas under slab radiant floor heating system for USDA Agricultural Research Service. Multiple innovative and cost effective ideas were implemented to install this custom radiant floor system.

Special accommodations had to be made to protect plants from dust, debris and harmful airborne matter during the construction. The work was coordinated closely with the Government. ​

Chigosi served as prime contractor to provide all labor, material, and equipment necessary to design and construct a 2000+ SF research laboratory for US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research.

This was a design build project that included the design of foundation, high power 600 V 3-phase electrical underground distribution system, metal building, LED lighting system. Construction included foundation; erection of metal building; and install of insulation, doors and windows, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and lighting. Masonry work included concrete slab and driveway installation.  Earthwork included, clearing and grubbing, excavation, backfill, grading and compacting.

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Design-Build Lightning Protection System for Communications Facility