Removal of Deposition Materials and Repair/Replace Trash Boom System

  • Project Management and Onsite Supervision
  • Engineering Consulting and Onsite Supervision
  • Environmental Engineering
  • New Construction, Renovation, and Remodel
  • Natural Resource Management

Landfill Design and Construction 

Chigosi is prime contractor in its fourth consecutive year on this project for State of California Natural Resource Agency, Department of Parks and Recreation. Chigosi is responsible for construction management, subcontractor management, materials, construction labor, and equipment.

The services consist of site preparation, surveys, cleanout of basin complex, repair and replacement of trash boom system, processing and removal of over 200,000 cubic yards of material.

All State standards for quality workmanship are met, such as, effective work flow management and supervision of specialty trades. The project requires coordination with State of California Parks and Recreation Department, County of San Diego, and Federal and State environmental protection oversight agencies. 


Chigosi was prime contractor on an environmental construction project-Sycamore Landfill, Stage III-B Liner, Santee, CA. Chigosi was responsible for onsite supervision, construction management, subcontractor management, materials, and equipment necessary to complete the work.

This project consisted of design, site preparation, survey, storm water drainage system installation, Leachate Collection and Removal system (LCRS) and liner installation, underground piping construction, hauling, stockpiling, and placement of engineered fill and low- permeability clay material, and refuse excavation and relocation.  Construction also included screening and placement of protective soil material, and installation of surface drainage and leachate containment structures.

All Federal and State standards for quality workmanship we met. The project required coordination between the owner, Sycamore Landfill, Inc., City of Santee, County of San Diego, and State and Federal oversight agencies. 

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Josette Rice
President and CEO
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