Chigosi serves as prime contractor to provide all labor, material, and equipment necessary for projects requiring design-build, new construction, major renovation, and repair and remodel. Renovation includes hazardous materials removal such as Lead paint and asbestos.

Engineering Construction and Design

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Josette Rice
President and CEO
Phone: (619) 794-0202

Natural Resource Management

Chigosi’s restoration projects focus on the development of sustainable natural habitat systems. These projects require expert knowledge of restoration methods, services, and products, compliance with environmental and disposal laws and regulations, testing, quality control, inspections, and reporting. The scope of work typically involves site preparation, construction, native seed collection and processing, seeding, non-native plant control activities and monitoring.

New Construction, Renovation, Remodel

  • Project Management and On site Supervision
  • Engineering Construction and Design
  • Environmental Engineering
  • New Construction, Renovation, and Remodel
  • Natural Resource Management

Environmental Engineering

Project Management and On Site Supervision 

Our staff of engineering experts stands ready to provide professional services for your critical needs. We work closely with you to fully understand what you want to accomplish.

As a small company, we have the ability to be lean and agile providing a fast turnaround when time is critical.We will hit the road running and support you through the entire process, from concept through implementation of your design project.


Chigosi provides management oversite, site supervision, personnel, materials, and equipment. We coordinate preparation and processing of plans, schedules and reports with performance of construction activities, and with scheduling and reporting of all subcontractor work. Chigosi manages the construction baseline schedule, schedule of values, submittal schedules and progress reports

Chigosi’s success in project oversight and construction management is illustrated by our past performance. Chigosi serves as prime contractor, responsible for Construction Quality Control, on-site supervision, health and safety, traffic control, and Best Management Practices (BMP). All of our projects require expert knowledge of construction methods to ensure quality and warranty of workmanship and products.

Chigosi provides project management oversight, Construction Quality Management, on-site supervision, health and safety, and environmental protection. Management tasks include developing and managing work and progress schedules, coordinating work with other contractors, and managing construction phasing.